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  • Server type:Normal
  • Online:20
  • Server number:1
  • Redirects:1356
Mond-Wow is a truly unique World of Warcraft game server where you can be sure that you won't be bored!

The main task of Mond-WoW is to create a truly interesting game environment. We have created a unique world that contains both familiar 3.3.5 elements and new exclusive content.

We have:
- PVP events with a huge prize pool and PvP equipment improvement system.
- Absolutely unique system of development of things character, thanks to which you will constantly improve.
- Unique, fully custom dungeons, which you will not see anywhere else, now more than 20 dungeons and more than 300 custom bosses, work on new dungeons we never stop.
- New character models, no restrictions in choosing combinations of race and class of equipment.
- Hundreds of new vehicles and non-player companions, as well as a huge number of items for transmogrification (sets of armor, weapons and so on);
- A huge number of Npc with quests, quest items, teleporters, transmogrification, and other things have been added in the main cities and near the portal to the Outlands.

- Each player has their own personal movement stone with which you can get to any point in the world, also added additional features to tighten the game, such as the bank and resurrection.

- Professional support, ready to help you at any time of the day.

And that's not all! You can learn more about us here on the website:
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Mond-WoW Fun Server

x999 ~20 ppl. online 3.3.5 Normal
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