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Сервер WoW 3.3.5 с рисовками AMD FuN

  • Server type:PvE
  • Online:15
  • Server number:1
  • Redirects:7360
At the moment we have 4 quality scripted instas with cool tactics, and 4 simpler ones on smartAI.

1 World Boss "Komarik", here we went even further, and made an addon to display a custom interface with timers and blood counters. Cool tactics there, too.

Implemented a brand new direction for character progression "Pastafarianism" (yes, yes, that's the one with the flying macaroni monster). It works like this: With bosses and quests on insta drops item "test of faith", which when activated gives you a random quest of faith, a total of different faith quests at the moment 10. For completing this quest you get "pasta" and other plushies. So, for the paste then you can buy additional stats. And you can also pray once every 4 hours LMM and get for this paste to pump stats, but for this you need to be near the icon.

We also have a "soccer", but no one plays it.

And "helmet beginner" for 5 days is given at the creation of the Persian, and 800k AP to create their own draw.

So... Now for the new...

There is a new, high quality, interesting inst, even a small teaser recorded))))

Now all the server quests are done for the first time in a chain, if you have not played with us, you will be easier to figure out where you go, and what to do.

UPD 31.12.2018: Opened a new inst, scrambled even trash, so far only one of the three worlds. I think to write about the "start in the capitals, teleporter, etc." makes no sense, it's all so clear. And most importantly... We have conveniently placed vendors!

In general, I'm waiting for you to visit the amd fun server!
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Server WoW 3.3.5

x99999 ~15 ppl. online 3.3.5a PvE
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