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  • Server type:RPPvP
  • Online:3
  • Server number:1
  • Redirects:2311
The project for development lasts for more than a year, and it's impossible to list the work done, so it's only in the rough.
* always actual core with merge with official TC (actual structure of database and etc)
* priority of development in stability and game framework (classes/races abilities/talants)
For example Blink, Shadowmeld, Living Bomb, Killing Spree, Vanish and etc
* improved work of LoS
* improved movement generators : work with fear (not stucked, not blinked, not async with speed and et, work with confuse-generator (scatter-shot, polymorph)
* crossfaction BG :
- all possible races for each class
- released work with chat (horde can't understand text from alliance (coded) , and doesn't matter original or fake race you have in this BG
- released work with /wishper chat, player with fake-race can write in PM all players from this Team (for example your original team=alliance and on BG your fake-race Orc (Horde), you can talk with all ppl from your temp-team (orc, tauren and etc)
Also you can write by /whisper anyone from your original faction . For example you playing with friend (by Horde), but on BG you registered as Alliance (you can talk with your friend by /w, but talking on BG by /s will not possible, he just can't understand you (will coded text).
What is AT?
10 years of professional server experience (and now we decided to open a private project)
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x25 ~3 ppl. online 3.3.5a RPPvP
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