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AzeroTh Band WotLK 3.3.5az+

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  • Server number:1
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Все модифицированные предметы соответствуют единой системе уровня предметов Ilvl и не превышают по своим характеристикам предметы, 277, 284 Ilvl добывающиеся в рейдах героической сложности ЦЛК и РС.
Balanced upgrade, unique game client
All races - all classes, HD character models
Creative passing the content, the usual things in an unusual form, the ability to select the non-standard builds and specs
Changed look of the world's landscape (cataclysm, no cataclysm)
Expanded opportunities to achieve the goal, more useful insta
Comfortable kach and advanced crafting, -10 professions
Companions are now not only decorative, but also useful
New exclusive outfit looks including erotic
9 stages of character development, from rocking to 25 XM
4 level guilds (10ob, 10ger, 25ob, 25ger)
Blizzlike character spell mechanics, Blizzlike patch 3.3.5a 80lv insts mechanics
BK, Vanilla, Lich - everything for 80 is relevant. From ingredients, to forgotten legendaries.
12 consecrable equipment sets for all classespecs, from Tier-1 to Tier-10 in each 239, 251, 264, 277 ilvl
Parallel opening of content, as insts are modified

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x100 ~20 ppl. online 3.3.5a Normal
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